Website Launch!

We are excited to announce and launch our new, dedicated webpage for Lancaster City Police Athletic League! We will still maintain our Facebook page to push out results, pictures, and videos of our amazing athletes who go out and give it their all on a daily basis. Here at our website you will find up to date schedules for current PAL events and clubs, sign-up forms, and find out more about how to donate to our activities! We will also publish information regarding upcoming events and clubs you can join.

Don’t forget to visit our Partners page to see who is out there supporting PAL through monetary donations as well as providing things like transportation, athletic fields, gyms, courts, and other facilities. Our Partners are amazing and without them, PAL could not exist. Many of our partners are also doing amazing work in other communities, so consider donating directly to their charities as well. Together, we can have an impact that goes far beyond our Community here in Lancaster City.

Finally, you will also find contact information so that you can reach out to us directly with questions, concerns, or comments. Remember, this place is a work in progress and we hope to add many more features in the future. Thank you for supporting Lancaster City Police Athletic League!


Sergeant Glenn Stoltzfus

Lancaster City Bureau of Police